Disadvantages of Living in Costa Rica for 2020

By Allen Richard

If only I had known about these things...but everything I found on the internet only painted pictures of a paradise!  Something like we might imagine Adam and Eve enjoyed, but then... there was the snake???

Yeah, I guess you can say it's the same in this Tropical Paradise.

Disadvantages of Living  in Costa Rica

5 Things to KNOW before going to Costa Rica

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I have nothing to gain...except your trust, by telling you the truth!


Don't misunderstand, we LOVE Costa Rica and after being here since 2013, the advantages FAR OUTWEIGH the disadvanatages!

However, the internet can paint some pretty pictures and don't get me wrong, it is beautiful, but if Adam and Eve would have been prepared, maybe they wouldn't have fallen for the lies coming from the snake. I don't want you to swallow the bait and NOT know, there is a hook under that worm.

Many articles, websites, youtube channels...paint a perfect world because they're trying to sell you something!!!

Costa Rica is a tropical paradise and I try to keep everything positive, but when you have snakes...what else can you call a snake but a SNAKE?

To get the facts as quickly as possible...you should watch this fun and very informative video we made just for YOU!

Allen Richard

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