and The Lost World 


What are the secrets of a Chapel deep in the mountains and jungle?

A Chapel built by the Hand of God where a Portal to another world has been opened.

And what does it mean for YOU?

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01. Faith - A Leap in the Dark

02. The Lost World

03. The Apparition

04. My Arrival

05. Building the Cabin

06. Future Plans

07. Creating The Place That Time Forgot

08. The Power of Good Versus Evil

09. The Avalanche

10. Chapel-in-the-Clouds

11. The Open Cross and Hanging Cross

12. The Rugged Cross

13. The Cloud

14. The Hidden Room

15. Blood Messages

16. Handcuffs Click Shut

17. Volcanoes Erupt

18. The Seven Year Mystery

19. When Time has no Meaning

20. Through the Portal

21. Ghostly Revelations

22. The Portal & the Scriptures

23. The World in the Year 2045

24. The Angel of Death

25. On Borrowed Time

26. Serpents from Hell

27. Clandestine Plunder

28. The Most Famous Chapel in the World?

29. False Prophets

30. 'Trapped' in 'Paradise'

31. The Enchanted Forest

32. Summary & Timeline

33. Epilogue

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